First of its kind

Finally a glider simulator cockpit with intense focus on realism and layout of the flight controls. Flaps with multi-position detents. Spring loaded spoiler/brake control mechanism. Tow release, landing gear lever. Rudder pedals. In the right places in the cockpit.  High quality 80/20 aluminum T-slot frame construction.

Available soon in a single well thought out kit.

Our Mission

We set out to design, engineer, manufacture, and globally distribute a truly best in class, yet affordable, performance glider simulator cockpit for the rapidly growing community of pilots that are flying competitively or for fun in virtual platforms online. Designed by glider pilots for glider pilots.

Our Team

The Just Soaring Team is comprised of seasoned people with decades of experience across a number of industries and functionalities – and a shared passion for aviation and soaring. This is hardly anybody’s “first rodeo” here – and all the shared experiences and successes from our past will help ensure smooth sailing (soaring!) for both us and most importantly you, our customers.


We are going to have a network of logistics partners and warehouses throughout the world to offer more competitive shipping rates and quicker support for accessories and service spares.



Equally at home providing realistic training or heart pumping entertainment, every corner of this cockpit can be customized to the pilot's content.


Cockpit Experience



Whether you are flying for fun, doing serious competition tasks, teaching a student, or preparing for your checkride – this sim rig is the choice.


Strength to last


All year soaring

Don't let the end of the soaring season be the end of the soaring.

Contact us

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